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Cindy Brewer (Studio 3C8)

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Cindy Brewer

Cindy Brewer


Being raised in Dallas with eleven siblings influenced my desire to develop my own sense of space and style. I graduated with an interior design degree from The University of Texas in Austin and worked in the design industry for years. Color has always inspired me and is evident in my choice of clothing, home decor, landscape and currently my paintings. I began painting as life struggles became overwhelming and discovered that painting was not only a creative outlet but a blessing. Color and design and the spatial relationship with one another on a canvas or in a room can set a mood. It can be the ultimate emotional outlet and is my therapy. My paintings evolve and emerge after several layers of paint, sometimes experimenting with additives and mediums for a 3-dimensional effect. Each work represents an emotion or experience in my personal life that I don’t always see at the time. Intense and vibrant colors and texture seem to be the common thread that can describe my work as I continue to grow and develop my style. The Impressionists and Expressionist painters are an inspiration as well as current artists, Cynthia Chartier and Michael Gregory McGinnis whose works exemplify modern day Impressionism and Expressionism charged with emotion and spiritual visions. Thank you for the encouragement to paint.

Paintings donated to the following charitable organization auctions:

Dallas Council for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
The Magdelan House
New Friends New Life
The Rise School

All sale proceeds are donated to substance abuse treatment and recovery organizations: