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Marsha Moser (Studio 1C4)

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Marsha Moser

Marsha Moser


My art reflects a love of the forms of nature & play of light. I have a lifelong fascination with primitive & handmade objects that are ancient, tribal & sacred. I also find a melancholy beauty in lost or forgotten places & things. I admire the sensibilities of the Romantic & Bohemianism movements, as well as Dadaism & the early abstract movements. My influences are the works of Robert Motherwell, Louise Nevelson, Franz Kline, Helen Frankenthaler. I have studied & created in diverse disciplines, photography, drawing, painting, collage & assemblage . I love to challenge myself & stay as original as possible. These recent paintings are exercises in the eloquence of the raw-edged, thoughtful brushstrokes of ancient calligraphy. I sought to capture the intricate play of shadows and light and the exquisite forms of tree limbs in the fewest bold gestures, in the old style of ink wash. I made them large in scale to amplify their complexity & simplicity.

In my sculpture, I enshrine found objects that possess a beauty preserved by dereliction. I also harvest & reinvent odds & ends manmade or from nature to make symbolic amulets or charms. I arrange & adorn these objects carefully until they seem to be infused with a primitive or tribal power. I see them as guardians or totems that are meant to help us in this life, or prepare us for the afterlife.
Born & Raised in good old Wichita Kansas, Marsha Oliver Moser was transplanted to San Francisco as a young maiden & had the requisite “West Coast Consciousness-Raising” where she “turned on” to the visual arts & the artistic lifestyle . While thusly illuminated, she met a charming cad & bon-vivant from New Orleans & moved with him there in 1972 . Marsha then spent her formative years an artist immersed in the rich tapestry of life in beautiful New Orleans, comingling her karma with some of the brightest characters in the city & of the times. In the 70’s she was proprietress of a then-cutting edge Art Deco Antique Shop on Magazine St. in the then-derelict & now-fabulous Uptown area of New Orleans. She pursued various & diverse artistic interests (some bordering on obsessions) and has served as a muse to more than a few visionaries in her day.

In 1985 , Marsha moved to the fair city of Dallas in 1985 to raise her beautiful son Simon & she fell in love with Texans & the kinetic art scene in Texas.

Throughout her life adventures, Marsha has been diligently & ardently behind the scenes producing & evolving her art, which has been both difficult & rewarding for her. Her work is in private collections across the US.

Exhibits & Juried Events : 2000-2017
• Continental Gin Building: Bi-annual open studio events. 2001-2017
• McKinney Avenue Contemporary , (MAC) ,
• Dallas Visual Arts Center ( DVAC) ,
• Irving Art Museum , 500X
• “Farewell Fiesta & Silent auction” Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth ( MOMA)
• “ Viewpoint” Visual Art League of Lewisville
• “ 5 women” Nort;ake College Gallery
• “Hecho en Dallas” , Latino Cultural center, May 2017


University of New Orleans:
Ongoing studies of Studio Art under Ron Todd, Richard Johnson, Jim Richard and Doyle Gertajensen.

2000-Present , CGB
Ongoing studies in painting with Bob Nunn , colleague at CGB & professor at North Lake College .