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Liz Trosper (Studio 1C2)

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Liz Trosper

Liz Trosper


By means of abstraction and sensuousness, I probe the experience of ourselves — the experience of our bodies — in a world that emphasizes language, abstraction and hyper-mediated digital culture. Painting is at the center of my work, both as form and content, but I approach the medium using a variety of media spanning from drawing, digital imaging, photography, assemblage, installation, performance and video. I prod and trouble the history of painting and abstraction using a feminist lens, questioning the self-serious and mystical traditions of machismo in painting.

Many times, I use elements from beauty culture, evoking associations of the body, self-fashioning, aspiration, fragmentation, skin, paint, embodiment and everyday technology. I embrace both technology and the importance of the body and embodied thinking in both the making and experience of my work.

My work builds from the flatbed picture plane associated with Rauschenberg?s model of painting articulated by Steinberg. In much the same way that everyone has a memory of the way a bed feels, my paintings play on the sensation of paint, how it looks and feels, juxtaposed with everyday technology, which most people experience as part of a work routine. My most current works evoke that sensation along with a sense of motion, falling or being caught in some kind of suspension in contradiction to the gravity that acts on our bodies.

Born in Minot, North Dakota, 1983, living and working in Dallas, Texas.

2018 Lecturer I, 2D Design Foundations, curriculum development for digital painting
Associate Faculty, Collin College, Digital Photo I

Lecturer I, 2D Design Foundations, Intermediate Painting, University of Texas at Dallas
Teach at both the graduate and undergraduate level with a focus on design, digital imaging, video and painting. Classes include 2D Design Foundations, Painting, Digital Imaging and Video and Intermediate Painting. My focus is on studio-based classes that use practice-led research methods.
Prepare syllabi, exercises, assignments, readings and lectures for each course and continually evaluate the effectiveness of each section using student, peer and supervisor feedback. I also participate in administrative functions on behalf of the university, such as accreditation evaluations and reporting.
Gallery Director, Umbrella Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Art Skool Producer, Dallas, Texas
Facilitate a 10-week lecture and discussion series on current issues and theories of contemporary art as part of a team of four artists. This discussion series is free and open to the public.
Workshop Facilitator and Visiting Educator, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas
Prepare a lecture and scanner painting workshop for 30 teens as part of the Nasher Institute for Teens.

2016 Lecturer I, Graduate Painting, Digital Imaging and Video and 2D Foundations, University of Texas at
TA/Instructor of Record, Basic Design Principles, The University of Texas at Dallas
Pollock Colloquium Participant, Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History and the Dallas
Museum of Art
Art Think (Visual Thinking Strategies) Educator, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, Texas
Visiting Art Instructor, Drawing from the Collections, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Art Skool Producer, Dallas, Texas

2015 TA/Instructor of Record, Basic Design Principles, The University of Texas at Dallas
Graduate-Student-in-Residence, CentralTrak, Dallas, TX
Art Think (Visual Thinking Strategies) Educator, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, Texas
Visiting Artist/Instructor, Drawing from the Collection, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Visiting Artist/Lecture, Tarrant County College, Arlington, Texas
Assembly Assistant, The Ark on Noah Street, Christopher Blay and BC Workshop, Dallas
Assist lead artist, Christopher Blay, in a social practice installation in South Dallas — a large scale ark made from container architecture and lumber — in partnership with BCWorskhop, an architecture and urban design firm.

2014 Research Assistant, Aesthetics of Interactive Art, The University of Texas at Dallas
Graduate-Student-in-Residence, CentralTrak, Dallas, TX
Art Think (Visual Thinking Strategies) Educator, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, Texas
2014 Meadows Curatorial Internship, Meadows Museum, Dallas, Texas
Moderator, CentralTrak Next Topic Lecture Series ?Nuclear War and Environmental
Catastrophe with Laray Polk,? Dallas, Texas
Visiting Artist/Instructor, Dallas Museum of Art Late Night Art Bytes Program, Dallas, Texas
For this teaching engagement, I created an original lecture and workshop on digital video. Students were provided with a group of video clips recorded by me from various locations around the museum on the theme of the museums 111th birthday. Students were shown the techniques of video and we discussed the various aesthetic outcomes of the editing choices that participants made in making their pieces.

Moderator, CentralTrak Next Topic Lecture Series ?Go Cowboys: A discussion on capital
punishment,? Dallas, Texas
Contributor and on-camera interviewer, Art This Week, Dallas, Texas
Performer, After School Special by Elissa Stafford, Fort Worth, Texas
This project involved a collaborative performance, conceived and written by Elissa Stafford, including costume design and a narrative video combined with a live performance by all members of the production at ArtSpace 111 in Fort Worth.

2013 Graduate-Student-in-Residence, CentralTrak, Dallas, TX
Corporate Affairs Specialist, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Plano, TX
In this role, I was part of a small team that supported DPSG?s corporate philanthropy program, which included an international, company-wide giving campaign in support of United Way and DPSG?s signature effort, its Let?s Play program, in which I and other members of the corporate affairs team traveled around North America helping school children design and build their dream playgrounds. This role required that I dramatically improve the clarity and brevity of my written and oral communication skills.

Videographer, documentary team for the Nasher Sculpture Center Xchange Project, Dallas
Contributing Writer, Arts and Culture Texas, Dallas, Texas
Creator of the online community, Internet-based
This blog project and online creative presence involved a catalog of my transition from a corporate job into a creative practice. I designed, created and wrote the content for the site, including graphics and essays. The name is derived from a Kevin Melchionne article, Artistic Dropouts, that describes the reactions that high school students face in making the transition from learning the foundations of art — design, drawing — to the jarring experiences of art school and of shocking forms of contemporary art.

2011 Costume Assembly, Nick Cave Project at the University of North Texas, CVAD, Denton
International artist Nick Cave was a visiting artist at UNT in 2011, and students were enlisted to help fabricate his many percussive costumes. This project showed me how an artist can scale production of a large scale project and the value in being adaptable and open to learning new fabrication methods on the fly.

2010 Researcher, Art Think Ethnography, University of North Texas for the Dallas Contemporary

University of Texas at Dallas, Master of Fine Arts, 2016, Summa Cum Laude
My research focus area at UT Dallas was on the condition of painting in the digital age. This included learning traditional painting methods, digital imaging (including photography and painting) as well as video. The MFA at UT Dallas is in Arts and Technology, a less common form of the MFA that focuses on the nexus between creative practice and new forms of making that have been brought about by the digital revolution. Although it?s not the current focus area for my artwork, I am trained extensively in digital video.
University of North Texas, Master of Public Administration, 2010
Texas Woman’s University, Bachelor of Science in Government, 2005, Cum Laude

2014 Meadows Curatorial Internship

2013 ? 2015 CentralTrak, The University of Texas at Dallas Artist Residency
CentralTrak was the UT Dallas artist residency, where graduate students lived, worked and ran an experimental art space. CentralTrak functioned as a cultural embassy in the Exposition Park neighborhood of Dallas. As grad-student residents, we served as hosts for artists and visitors from all over the world. We also served as a bridge between the student community at UT Dallas and the arts community in Dallas and from around the world.

2017 Peripheral Vision Arts Fellowship
2015 Graduate Scholarship, The University of Texas at Dallas
2014 Graduate Scholarship, The University of Texas at Dallas

2018 fluid dialog, Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, Texas
2017 ?I know it?s only black and white, but I like it.? Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas, Texas
POWER LINES 2.0, Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Manufactured Untruth, CASP 5&J Gallery, Lubbock, Texas
Art for Advocacy, Dallas, Texas
Electron Salon, LA Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, California
Critical Mass: UT Dallas Alumni Exhibition, The University of Texas at Dallas
?Like a Tornado Touching Down, The Dream is Connected to the Dreamer.? curated by Greg Metz, Richardson, Texas
Let’s Fly, Site 131, Dallas, Texas

2016 Queens Correspondence School, academic, Long Island City, New York
Microgallery, Umbrella Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Chaos, RO2 Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Artsmarter Prize, Cris Worley Fine Art, Dallas, Texas
TWO, Art Room, Fort Worth, Texas
?body poems in suspended space? Liz Trosper MFA Exhibition, CentralTrak, Dallas, Texas*
MTV RE:DEFINE, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, Texas
Temporary Collectives, 500 Singleton, Dallas, Texas
UT Dallas Art Fair curated by John Pomara, UT Dallas, Richardson, Texas

2015 Hobbesian Children, Open Studio event, UT Dallas, Richardson, Texas
Nothing Stays Put, Zhulong Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Black and White, Eugene Binder Gallery, Marfa, Texas
Chaos, RO2 Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Power Lines: Luke Harnden, Liz Trosper and Adam Raymont at Barry Whistler Gallery
UT Dallas Art Fair curated by John Pomara, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX
IPSEITY: Alison Jardine and Liz Trosper, Tarrant County College Southeast Campus
Who’s Afraid of Chuck and George, CentralTrak, Dallas, Texas
League for Innovation Exhibition, Mountain View College, Dallas Texas
Img_1234: Liz Trosper Solo Exhibition, CentralTrak, Dallas, Texas*

2014 DB14, Invitational participation, Lou Mallozzi Peers Oswald Transcript Reading, Beefhaus
Empires of Dirt, CentralTrak, Dallas, Texas
Dallas Prints, RO2 Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Chaos, RO2 Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Artist vs. Architect, One Arts Plaza, Dallas, Texas (Jury selection)
Hot and Sweaty 3: The Open Show, 500x, Dallas, Texas
Residency Exchange, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas
CentralTrak presents: ?The Paintings of *George W. Bush.? CentralTrak, Dallas, Texas
Liz Trosper and Rebecca Shewmaker, Richland College, Richardson, TX

2013 Doing Lines, Continental Lofts, Dallas, Texas


Collection of Ronda and Tom Grimsley
Collection of Brian K. Scott and Brian K. Jones
Collection of Lloyd Lumpkins
Collection of Tom and Rebecca Motley
Collection of Karen and Roger Parks
Collection of John Reoch
Collection of Phillip Roark
Collection of Susan Sanders
Collection of Suzanne Weaver
Collection of Herschel Weisfeld

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