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Kathy Mackey (Studio 2W7)

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Kathy Mackey

Kathy Mackey


A mostly self-taught artist and a late bloomer. I began painting as an outlet while attending college in mid-life. My field of study was demanding and stressful. I fell in love with the feel of the brush and paint as it flowed on the canvas. I paint exclusively with oil. I just love the feel as the paint transfers from the brush or knife onto the canvas. I start with an idea, a vision, sketch, thick puddles of color, and music. That’s how it starts, then a story evolves. There is suspense and mystery until the very last brush stroke is applied.

Studied with artists Niki Gulley, Nancy Medina, Laurie Pace
Workshops with Niki Gulley, Nancy Medina, Laurie Pace and New York artist Henry Finkelstein